Trucker Clothes Trends: Self-Identification or Pragmatism and Comfort? [Updated July, 2023]

According to the American Trucking Associations, there are more than 3.5 million truck drivers and more than 38 million trucks currently in the United States.

Just think about these numbers! They show how much the US economy depends on the road transportation of goods.

Over 72% of all US cargo is transported by trucks! In fact, the living standards of all Americans hinge on truckers. It is the drivers who deliver:

  • goods to stores;
  • fuel to gas stations;
  • building materials to construction sites;
  • multiple other items.

This is not a mere profession, this is a lifestyle. Trucks are both a workplace and home for truckers, where they spend hours, days, weeks and even months. This is especially true for OTR drivers who may be continuously on the road for 7 to 8 days. Therefore, it is very important for drivers to wear the most comfortable and functional trucker clothes.

So called driver apparel, or trucker clothes should ensure freedom of movement, be made of durable materials, and still be in line with current fashion trends.


  1. What Trucker Clothes Do You Need and Why?
  2. What Kind of Accessories Driver Wear?
  3. What Trucker Apparel Every Truck Driver Should Have?
  4. Weather and Trucker Attire
  5. Modern Cowboys Hit the Road

What Trucker Clothes Do You Need and Why?

Contemporary US market is full of various trucker merchandise. The choice of clothing often depends not only on the driver's personal preferences, but also on the corporate requirements.

For example, some companies require that drivers wear a uniform. It can be an outfit made to order, or else trucker apparel can be regular clothes with a company logo printed on it.

Although the FMCSA has no regulations regarding the driver's clothing set, it is highly recommended that it be additionally equipped with some elements that ensure safety on the road:

  • reflective vest or jacket visible from 1000 feet;
  • goggles with category II or III UV 400 to give protection against sunlight.

What Do Truck Drivers Wear?

What Kind of Clothes Truck Drivers Prefer?

Jeans with natural traces of wear are, perhaps, the most popular and universal choice of pants for a driver. Such models keep up with fashion trends and come in different styles. They are comfortable to wear in the truck cab, but it isn't embarrassing either to step out after hours of driving to show off your denims in a store or mall. Jeans are made of practical cotton material, resistant to abrasion. It doesn't wrinkle and perfectly matches any other style of clothing.

In the night time, pants made of reflective fabric or sweatpants made of natural fabrics with reflective elements are a good option to wear.

T-shirts are also universal trucker attire, which goes well with any pants. So are flannel, cotton and linen shirts for truck drivers.

Not only style, but also comfort matters. When the weather is cold, thick hoodies can be worn with pants. They are warm, do not hinder movement and still have quite a stylish look.

Trucker Clothes

Last, but not least: truck drivers need comfortable footwear. These are reliable boots with non-slip soles, or soft sneakers for leisure. Read our other article fully dedicated to best boots for truck drivers for more.

In some companies, drivers are only allowed to wear special shoes, however HMD doesn't restrict drivers and allows them to wear shoes of their own choice.

Truck Driver Clothes

However, make sure you pack several pairs of socks to keep your feet dry. They are a guarantee of staying healthy and ready for action.

Along with normal clothing, special work clothes and gloves should be taken in case you need to repair or maintain your truck. Consider getting a work overall, vest, jacket, and pants with lots of pockets. Such clothes are fit to carry various tools (for example, a hammer, a screwdriver, pliers, etc.).

Trucker Outfits

What Kind of Clothes Men Wear?

The trucker profession, like many others, has its own traditions in clothing. Men prefer to wear clothes with original and bright prints depicting trucks, roads and thematic inscriptions. Most often prints are to be seen on T-shirts, jackets, and trucker hats.

The trucker hallmark, according to tradition, was an unbuttoned plaid flannel shirt worn over a T-shirt. Another traditional piece in a driver's wardrobe is the so-called trucker's jacket. This is a loose fit denim jacket with large front pockets.

Truck Driver Uniform

What Kind of Clothes Women Wear?

The main factors for truck drivers to take into account when choosing clothes are comfort, convenience and freedom of movement. Women's clothing in this respect is no different from men's clothing. Women also prefer jeans, sweatshirts, T-shirts, and comfortable boots.

The main gender difference applies to underwear, where women prefer colored fabrics rather than white ones. This is due to the fact that white linen must be washed separately from other clothes. However, colored bras and underwear can be washed with other things.

Female drivers prefer bralettes or sports tops on the road. Such models do not pinch or fit too tightly anywhere and do not hinder movement.

What Kind of Accessories Driver Wear?

Along with trucker clothing, they wear various accessories, which can be divided into mandatory and fashion accessories.

About Useful Accessories

We strongly recommend all truckers get a headset for their cell phone. Drivers often receive important calls, like an update on their current assignment, but they still must drive safely, keeping their eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel.

Truck Driver Attire

The second most important accessory for many drivers are sunglasses. Most drivers also cannot do without a cap with a visor.

Another important item that a driver should have are gloves. Many drivers prefer to have several pairs of those, including warm mittens and fingerless gloves.

About Stylish Accessories

Truckers' image accessories are very diverse. Drivers wear caps, key chains, waist belts and other accessories with company logos and car brands. In the market, you will find sleeping pillows, backpacks, bags and umbrellas with specific prints.

Trucker Wear

In American culture, truckers are rightfully called the cowboys of the 21st century. True to this association, truck drivers often wear fashion accessories and clothing such as a cowboy hat, leather vests and pants. They look very cool, and, in addition, they are comfortable to wear.

What Trucker Apparel Every Truck Driver Should Have?

Best Boots for Truck Drivers


Price at Amazon: $148.55

Genuine nubuck leather boots are breathable and waterproof. The durable rubber outsole is puncture-resistant and keeps you from slipping and the extra insole will keep your feet warm when you really need that.

Trucker Clothes: Best boots for truck drivers

Best Jackets for Truck Drivers

Ergodyne GloWear 8365 Rain Jacket

Prices on Amazon: $31.06 - $93.99

A rain jacket for truck drivers with reflective elements that will make you clearly visible on the road even at night. A waterproof and breathable ragged material will keep you cool and comfortable in any environment. Two external pockets with snap flaps and chest pocket are designed to keep all necessary things on hand.

Trucker Clothes: Best jackets for truck drivers

Best Gloves for Truckers


Prices at Amazon: $25.91

Durable and flexible, these can really be considered the best gloves for truck drivers. They provide reliable protection and remain comfortable when handling small parts. Breathable material keeps your hands dry, while touch-sensitive fingertips let you use your phone without removing your gloves. Gloves come in an attractive steel color.

Trucker Clothes: Best gloves for truckers

Best Shirts for Truckers

Hammer Lane Gang Truck Printed Mens Short Sleeve New Cotton Black T-Shirt Black

Price at Amazon: $30.00

A comfortable, basic short-sleeve T-shirt is perfect for warmer weather, easy to pair with jeans and shorts. It can also be effectively used in cooler weather as an underlayer under a shirt. Natural cotton is very comfortable for the body skin - it absorbs the excess moisture and allows air to pass through. A print with a truck is an indication of the user's profession and it cheers you up.

Trucker Clothes: Best shirts for truckers

Best Sunglasses for Truckers

ATTCL Men's Retro Metal Frame Driving Polarized Sunglasses

These glasses will remove unnecessary glare, reflections and diffused light while driving. Polarized lenses protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays. The retro design is suitable for both work and everyday life. That all said, we can proudly call this item the best sunglasses for truck drivers.

Trucker Clothes: Best sunglasses for truckers

Weather and Trucker Attire

The choice of driver's wardrobe largely depends on weather conditions.

What Trucker Clothes Should Drivers Wear in Cold Weather?

If a truck driver is trucking in cold weather, it is a good idea to have different types of clothing when on the road. The driver must have both a light T-shirt or a standard shirt for truckers and a sweater with a warm jacket. In this case, in a warm cabin, he / she can be in a T-shirt and / or shirt or combine it with a sweater, and put on a jacket when going out. Also several layers of clothes keep warmth much better than, for instance, wearing one warm coat right on the T-shirt.

Dress Code for Truck Drivers

The principle of layering is therefore a great option for choosing the best clothes for truck driving in the winter season. Many truckers make use of it. They put on a T-shirt, a warm shirt over it, then a sweater, vest and jacket. Depending on the ambient temperature, you can take off or put on things to adjust the temperature in the same way you do it with a truck cabin heater.

Always pay attention to the weather forecast on the days of your trip. If it's rainy, be sure to take a raincoat, and in frosty winter, do not forget a warm trucker hat, scarf and gloves.

Truckers Clothing

An excellent choice in the cold season is thermal membrane underwear. Modern models of linen ensure a warm and comfortable feeling when staying in the cold and at the same time remove moisture well in a hot truck cabin or room.

What Trucker Clothes Should Drivers Wear in Hot Weather?

In hot weather, drivers prefer to wear a T-shirt, shorts and comfortable light boots. However, be sure to have pants, a shirt and work clothes on hand: nights can be cold. Do not forget to take sunglasses and caps with a visor with you.

Modern Cowboys Hit the Road

The trucker profession is one of the most popular and in demand in the United States. American trucks are the best vehicles for cargo transportation. Truck drivers are modern cowboys, and trucks are their iron horses with incredible endurance.

The modern movie industry puts out a good deal of western-like films where the image and life of a trucker are romanticized. This profession is definitely not easy, it is rewarding and fulfilling though.

Trucker Clothes: Conclusion

If you like trucks, you are fascinated by the opportunity to travel around the country, the romance of roads and the subculture of modern cowboys, take a closer look at the trucker profession and apply for a job at HMD filling the form below.

Interested in learning about the advantages of over the road trucking? Follow the link and read our article about it.

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