Best State for Truck Drivers: Top Picks for Pay, Routes, and Lifestyle

The importance of truck drivers in the national economy cannot be overstated, as they are accountable for the constant flow of goods throughout the country. However, their quality of life, job satisfaction, and financial well-being are markedly affected by the state or city in which they choose to work. A multitude of factors, such as truck driver average salary by state, availability of jobs, cost of living, the fraction of each paycheck that is devoured by taxation, the number of other truck drivers with whom they must share the road, and unique state regulations – converge to form the best and worst states for truck driving. This article will explore these various factors to uncover the most conducive conditions for truck drivers. With this information, the argument that ensues will criticize the states in which their job outlook and overall well-being are bleakest. Finally, this article will share and analyze the recent data to locate the best state for truck drivers and, ultimately, the best city for truck drivers, with a mind to reconciling employment opportunities with a comfortable existence.

Best States for Trucking Business


  1. Best State for Truck Drivers: Evaluating Key Criteria for Truckers
  2. Best State for Truck Drivers: What Is It?
  3. Best City for Truck Drivers: Is There Any?
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Best State for Truck Drivers: Evaluating Key Criteria for Truckers

Truck driving around the United States is more than just getting behind the wheel and covering some miles. Sure, there are many miles, but it’s also a complex tapestry of factors that affect trucking and truck drivers as they do their job. State-by-state average truck driver salary, the number of truck driving job openings compared to other jobs or overall workforce are also other secondary factors that go into the bigger picture. The demographic silhouette of truck drivers themselves also reflects that they can be very different people working the same job, a reflection of the industry’s capacity to employ a wide range of people and personalities. And when truck drives cross state lines, the rules may also change, as many of these factors do not exist in a vacuum. Each plays a role in creating the overall picture of the best – or worst – states in the union to drive a truck professionally. Let's explore the factors that could identify the best state for truck drivers.

Average Salary

The compensation for drivers across states reveals a significant impact of local transportation demands, living costs, and the broader economic environment. States with higher-than-national-average salaries seem more appealing at first glance, but a higher cost of living can negate these benefits. In states like California, Massachusetts, and the District of Columbia, where nominal salaries are higher, the steep cost of living can reduce the actual value of those earnings.

Curious about what state pays truck drivers the most? As reported by, as of March 4, 2024, states such as North Dakota, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Alaska offer average annual salaries exceeding $85,000 for OTR truck drivers. Meanwhile, indicates a limited job market in the District of Columbia offers the highest pay for truck drivers, but only has 155 positions available. North Dakota leads in salaries with semi-truck drivers making an average of $78,797 and CDL drivers $73,205, followed by Illinois with $73,205 for semi-truck drivers, and Wyoming with $70,617 for semi-truck drivers.

Best Place to Live for Truck Drivers

Truck Driving Job Openings

The volume of job vacancies within a state directly reflects the vitality of its transportation and logistics sector. States experiencing economic growth often require more truck drivers to support goods movement, especially those with extensive manufacturing or port activities. This aspect is crucial for drivers searching for employment or career stability and growth opportunities. According to, California leads with nearly 23,000 positions for CDL holders, while Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Illinois offer around 15,000 jobs for truckers. Texas is also prominent in the trucking employment landscape, presenting about 12,600 opportunities for drivers.

Cost of Living and Taxes

Financial implications, both in cost of living and tax burdens, all influence a truck driver's choice of workplace. While in some states like Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming, drivers are not subjected to income tax at all, so they take home most of their pay. In addition, with a relatively cheaper cost of living in many states, this will enable drivers to actually live well since the money they get will be able to stretch well for the important needs they will have. According to, the highest costs of living are led by California, Massachusetts, and the District of Columbia, at 134.5 and 148.7. Low-cost living states, like Tennessee (90.40), Illinois (90.80), Texas (93), Ohio (94), accord truck drivers a better financial standing, where a more balanced scale is set between what one earns and what goes for living expenses.

Best Cities for Truck Drivers

Number of Truck Drivers in the State

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports there are over 2.192 million semi-truck driving jobs, with 4% projection growth by 2032. The rate of the density of truck drivers within a state contributes to job competition and the sense of community among them. High densities might imply a large support network but also denote potential tougher competition for jobs, routes, and loads, impacting on earnings and stability. Texas leads in employing truck drivers, with around 202,270 CDL holders.

Followed by California, with approximately 180,000 commercial drivers, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio share nearly the same amount of CDL holders – about 87,000 each.

Trucker in Front of the Truck

State Truck Driving Regulations

The best states for running a trucking business offer a mix of favorable regulations and strategic location with supporting infrastructure. Regulatory environments, in most cases, determine much of the satisfaction of drivers on a daily and overall operational basis. Therefore, states with more liberal regulations regarding driving hours, more provision for parking, and higher speed limits offer a more congenial and effective working climate. Texas has always found mention regarding its truck-friendly laws and infrastructure that help drivers and companies find a work-life balance and remain productive. Notably, Tennessee, the Two Virginias, and most of the states in the Midwest are praised and identified as the favorite places for trucking conditions due to the easy parking and better road quality that gives a better driving experience.

State Trucking Driving Regulations

Critiques on the Worst States for Trucking

California's strict emissions regulations, high taxes, and low speed limits have made the Golden State tough for truckers. The relatively higher average salaries in the state are further diminished by its high cost of living. Stringent Department of Licensing and Transportation policies make Oregon a tough state to operate in. The older infrastructure in the Northeast is harder on handling, with its narrow roads and bridges making for more difficulty and frustration. Florida's severe lack of truck parking is a well-documented issue in a state with such a high volume of freight movement.

Best State for Truckers

Best State for Truck Drivers: What Is It?

Given the factors discussed, Texas, Tennessee, Illinois, and West Virginia are other strong states to be a truck driver. With a strong economy and great trucking jobs for many drivers, Texas offers over 300,000 miles of Texas highways and many of the largest truck stops found in the nation. Since the economy is diverse and has a lot to offer, a truck driver can eat, sleep, and shower almost anywhere within the state. The good economy in Texas offers voluminous and varied employment areas within the transport and logistic sectors. The state's culture respects the trucking industry and assures access to quality foods and services by the truckers, hence putting Texas as one of the exemplary states for truck drivers.

The well-developed, around-location transport system of the major city is Chicago, which gives it the name “The Capital of Trucking.” The state of Illinois and the Great Lakes area because of the around-location highways, railways, and airports, together with its well-thought-out location, represent an excellent center for freight companies, predicting gigantic flows of both international and domestic freight traffic.

As that landscape continues to shift – one marked by a growing shortage of truck drivers and carriers' efforts to increase pay and woo new talent – future rankings, like the 2024 ranking of the best states for truck drivers, could look quite a bit different. According to, such ranking is based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with the states having the high concentration of truck drivers shown by the location quotient. It predicts the average annual salary for truck drivers in the above states to be $68,000. While makes this important point, it also says that the top places for truck drivers to live may include North Dakota, Illinois, and Wyoming because of the huge salaries from carriers based there. So, the best state for truck drivers should combine high pay, quality roads, and friendly regulations.

Sunset on the Riverside

Best City for Truck Drivers: Is There Any?

Determining the absolute best city for truck drivers in the U.S. involves looking at area job markets, living costs, and quality of life. Top cities for CDL truckers were ranked on areas such as job availability, average salary, median home price, and other appropriate criteria. And, of course, of the three best cities for truck drivers according to, one is located in the United States. Indianapolis, IN, and Lexington, KY, also make the mix as Ft. Wayne, IN, Toledo, OH, and Las Vegas, NV, round out the top five. However, the caution must be noted that this source could rely on older information or use less reliable sources.

For 2023-2024, pointing to the best cities that favor CDL truck drivers would be tough without specific rankings coming from reliable sources. One may be inquisitive about what these places are that are so attractive to truckers, with the help of data from industry-leading trucking companies, trends in the industry, employment practices, and related to work-life balance and compensation. Best-city status is often determined locally, reflecting the cutting-edge of industry practices. This includes areas such as performance-based pay or premium pay for long-haul routes. Other deciding factors that usually remain of importance for deciding the right location include the reputation of the trucking company, the pay, and benefits scale, initiatives towards work-life balance, and part-time or flexible work options.

Drivers Handshake


The best state for CDL truck drivers is one that has many worthy competitors, and it has no clear outright answer. North Dakota leads the pack at an average of $78,797 semi-truck driver salary, very closely followed by Illinois and Wyoming at $73,205 and $70,617, respectively. This offers an average salary and hence comes in as a good bet for truckers who wish to make good money. That sets Texas apart as being the state that ensures for truckers a good equilibrium between work-life and productivity through its truck-friendly regulations and infrastructure. States such as Tennessee, Illinois, Texas, and Ohio have an attractive combination of the cost of living and home cost, all averaging at average levels.

The “best,” of course, would be a factor of individual priorities, but states with high salaries, beneficial driving laws, and excellent infrastructure, respectively, like Illinois, North Dakota, and Texas, could rise to the top of the list. These are actually conditions that many state authorities feel need to be offered to the truckers in their work environment to be successful – this way underlines the importance of the supporting and rewarding context of the CDL truck driver.

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