Best Boots for Truck Drivers and How to Choose the Right Pair [Updated July, 2023]


  1. What Are Work Boots for Truck Drivers?
  2. Why Are Work Boots the Best Shoes for Truck Drivers?
  3. Best Shoes for Truck Drivers
  4. Best Boots for Truck Drivers Overall
  5. Best Sneakers for Truck Drivers
  6. Best Winter Boots for Truck Drivers
  7. Best Steel Toe Boots for Truck Drivers
  8. How to Choose the Best Shoes for Truck Drivers?
  9. Can a Truck Driver Drive Barefoot?
  10. Choosing Your Shoes for Driving: What’s Next?

What Are Work Boots for Truck Drivers?

It’s no secret that the foot has long been considered to be a reflection of human health. That is why people working in the physical labor sectors, such as truck drivers, always try to protect their feet with shoes, the shape and parameters of which vary depending on their actual usage. But what is the best way to go about it? Let’s unwrap the mystery. Keep reading to discover what are the best boots for truck drivers and what advantages you can gain by wearing them.

What are Work Boots for Truck Drivers?

Currently, there are plenty of options of very comfortable and good-looking shoes on the market. However, the best choice for a driver has always been a pair of good work boots.

Why are Work Boots the Best Shoes for Truck Drivers?

Nowadays, there are a lot of attractive and versatile options of really comfortable shoes for truck drivers. That said there are definitely some must-have conditions that all boots should meet. They need to be:

  • reliable;
  • comfortable;
  • wear-resistant;
  • look neutral and fit any style;
  • comparatively cheap.

With that in mind, drivers normally stick to standard work boots, steel toe boots, winter boots for truck drivers, or sneakers.

Why are Work Boots the Best Shoes for Truck Drivers?

Below we have compiled the list of key benefits of wearing the right shoes:

Driving all day long through American terrain can be quite exhausting, although you might challenge this by saying that the driver is just sitting the whole day, why would they be tired at all?!

However, this impression is deceiving. Dozens of muscles in their body and feet constantly stay tense, ready to control the vehicle.

That is why proper truck driving boots are needed to alleviate the pain that comes from driving all day long by providing support and stabilizing the position of inner muscles and ligaments. In the long run this also relieves tension and prevents arthrosis, and multiple other joint disorders, which can result in backache, various degenerative processes, etc.

Another crucial factor, along with comfort, is safety and work boots are quite an appropriate solution for this one. For example, a driver permanently needs to pick up and drop off boxes, staying on the cargo platform of his vehicle. Practically any work boot would ensure some level of protection against falling heavy objects, also they normally provide an adequate level of slip-resistance and an anti-static inner sole.

It should be noted that according to the dot regulations for truck drivers footwear by FMCSA, a driver most-likely will have to acquire truck driving boots at his own expense without compensation from the employer, as there is no a legal requirement to provide such for free.

One more advantage of trucker work boots is that they are quite universal and fit most of the tasks that a truck driver would normally undertake, including:

  • driving;
  • loading and unloading;
  • maintenance of the vehicle, when a driver might need to stand, especially on wet, silty, or polluted surfaces.

Best Shoes for Truck Drivers

Best Shoes for Truck Drivers

According to the statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 10% of all work-related damages harm the feet and ankles. One of the main reasons for this misfortune is normally inappropriate footwear chosen for daily work duties and activities.

Below we have put together some essential tips to ensure that you’re wearing the right shoes. The best shoes for truck drivers need to be comfortable. Obviously, nobody wants to spend the whole day long wearing harsh, uncomfortable boots.

Note. There are some companies that have established themselves as manufacturers of the best truck driver’s shoes, and their reputation isn’t without good reason. These companies include Timberland, Caterpillar, Skechers, Black Hammer, Dickies, Keen, among others. So, let’s take a look at some of their best offerings.

Best Boots for Truck Drivers Overall − Timberland PRO Men's Direct Attach 6 Inch Soft Toe Insulated Waterproof Work Boot

Best Boots for Truck Drivers Overall

Source: Amazon

General Information

First designed in 1973, they were so popular that in 1978 the manufacturing company was renamed after them as a part of a rebranding effort. This is the leading model that has proven to ensure the best consumer properties over years of usage and is definitely the model of choice for those seeking a combination of comfort, safety, and style.


The durable rubber sole in this model protects against overheating, oil, chemicals, abrasion, and compression hazards. Wearing these boots, you are safe even in case of electrical shock. This leather is waterproof, and has sealed seams. Warmth and dryness are ensured by insulation provided by special Thermalite technology.


Although tight and well-insulated, the open-cell polyurethane insole allows air circulation around your foot. These soft-toed boots are waterproof and breathable owing to a unique comfort system.

Special Features

It also has a special slip-resistant outsole that provides you with even more protection and removes moisture via the anti-fatigue technology footbed for shock absorption and energy return.

Environment Friendliness

Moreover, if you care about the environment, it’s good to know that these boots are made from at least 50% recycled PET.


148 – 158 USD on Amazon.


  • Pure Leather and Textile;
  • The shaft measures approximately 7 from the arch;
  • Rubber sole;
  • Heel approximately 1.5;
  • Lace-up boot with waterproof upper padded collar and hexagonal eyelets;
  • Thermolite insulation to provide warmth and dryness.

These boots are extremely durable and protective, but sometimes they can be too hot or not fit you well. In this case, consider sneakers as an alternative option for your working shoes.

Best Sneakers for Truck Drivers - Skechers Men's Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker

Best Sneakers for Truck Drivers

Source: Amazon

General Information

Since 1992, this company has been a leader in the industry of sports shoes, which are comfortable but durable and stylish. This model of sneakers has indeed absorbed all the best traditions of the brand and we can truly name them the best sneakers for truck drivers.

Although it will ensure you have a much lighter feeling than work boots, it still keeps the comfort and durability necessary for driving the whole day long, as well as loading and unloading cargoes.


As compared to work boots, sneakers provide less safety for your toes. However, the rubber sole of this model still provides good slip-resistance and good grip around the ankle for stability.


This model provides you with ultimate comfort. It is made from leather and has a cushioning Articu-Lyte rubber midsole. It is exactly this part of the sole that makes these sneakers flexible and comfortable for everyday wear. The insole in this model is made of memory foam, which provides good support, and molds the exact shape of your foot.

Durable overlays allow air to pass through, so the foot doesn't sweat. If you are afraid of foot pain, this model has arch support that relieves you of any possible discomfort.

Special Features

Perfect arch support, extra-wide fit (fits most men’s feet), 2 heel, grippy rubber sole.

Environment Friendliness

All the synthetic parts of these shoes are made of fully recyclable materials.


57 – 157 USD on Amazon.


  • Rubber sole;
  • Pure leather and synthetic;
  • Memory Foam Insole;
  • Manually made sole;
  • Extra wide fit.

However, you have to be careful, not all sneakers are suitable for truck drivers. Compared to boots, sneakers are much lighter and lower. However, such shoes are perfect for jogging, but may not provide enough lateral stability and underfoot comfort.

Best Winter Boots for Truck Drivers - Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Iii Snow Boot, Superior Midsole Cushioning and Advanced Traction

Best Winter Boots for Truck Drivers

Source: Amazon

General Information

If you are looking at cold-weather options, you may want to choose winter boots. This waterproof and practically weightless model also keeps heat and relieves discomfort. ​​The main point when choosing warm shoes is paying special attention to technology that helps retain heat while maximizing breathability. This product by Columbia truly meets these requirements.


The upper part of these boots is made of waterproof leather with superior durability. The advanced Omni-Grip outsole made of non-marking rubber provides reliable traction under extreme conditions: from trailside to mountains.


These waterproof, insulated boots are designed for 100% comfort. The unique Omni-Tech membrane protects from the penetration of moisture inside, at the same time keeps your feet warm and dry, allowing them to breathe.

Special Features

The TechLite lightweight midsole makes these boots even more comfortable, providing better cushioning and high energy return. Additionally, the special insulation of this model is rated for temperatures down to -25°F (-32°C), which is a better result than most similar models by other brands.

Environment Friendliness

All materials are fully recyclable.


90.00-119.95 USD on Amazon.


  • Pure leather and textile
  • Rubber sole
  • 200 grams of insulation
  • Shaft measures mid-calf from the arch
  • OMNI-TECH technology ensures air-permeability and water-proof qualities at the same time.

Best Steel Toe Boots for Truck Drivers - Timberland Pro Men's Titan 6 Safety-Toe Boots Model

Best Steel Toe Boots for Truck Drivers

Source: Amazon

General Information

If you are looking for the best steel toe boots for truck drivers, this will be the right choice. This is a classic model, with proven protective qualities, comfort, and durability, all being very important attributes for a truck driver. Although not very cheap, this option has been leading the customers’ reviews for many years, making it one of the best in the price-quality ratio.


This model is truly reliable and safe: these boots have a special steel toe, good protection against electrical shock hazards, metal and mutilation-free upper. The rubber outsole prevents you from slipping and protects you from oils and abrasion negative impacts. This model can be proudly called the best safety shoes for truck drivers.


These shoes support your feet and relieve knee and joint pain. These boots are made of premium leather with a waterproof membrane, molded polyurethane midsole, and moisture-channeling spacer mesh comfort lining. To keep your feet dry and fresh, the antimicrobial treatment for odor control is used in the mesh comfort lining. The Timberland PRO® 24/7 comfort suspension system technology softens each movement, supports the arch, and ensures great shock absorption.

Special Features

Full-grain leather, nylon diffusion shank for structural support and torsional rigidity.

Environment Friendliness

All materials are fully recyclable.


92-279 USD on Amazon.


  • Best quality full-grain leather;
  • Waterproof membrane;
  • Asymmetrical safety toe;
  • Electrical hazard protection;
  • Mark II Oily wet #3 on American Olean tile at .41;
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking lining with antimicrobial treatment for odor control;
  • Nylon diffusion shank for better torsional rigidity and structural support;
  • Available in XW widths.

Wearing any of the list above can assure you not only comfort, safety, and better performance, but good health and potential injury prevention.

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Truck Drivers?

Whether you’re selecting between the models above or have found another pair that you love, here are some key principles that any driver should apply when choosing an appropriate pair of shoes for driving:

  • Comfort. It is very important that a driver feels comfortable so that they can concentrate and do their job right.
  • Waterproof. While on a long journey, you never know what will happen to you: fixing a flat tire or towing a truck out of a dirty puddle, so the boots have to ensure water resistance. However, here it is also quite important not to run into extremes. For example, rubber boots are waterproof, but your feet will sweat. This is uncomfortable and unhealthy for your feet and toes.
  • Ankle Support. Good support of the lower limbs helps prevent pains and disorders.
  • Price. It may vary from $60 to a couple of hundred dollars per pair, and very often the cheapest option doesn’t mean the best, and vice versa. So the main priority should be the quality and compliance with the requirements.
  • Slip-resistant soles. A truck driver will need these especially in winter or in the fall. Work during these seasons could mean standing on a slippery surface, while loading and unloading the truck, fixing or maintaining it.
  • Oil-Resistance. Oil is quite an aggressive medium, which can severely damage various materials, including those, of which boots are normally made. So, oil resistance is a must-have for proper driver’s shoes.
  • Quality. The last, but not the least, and probably even the most important one. High-quality shoes last longer and ensure a better user experience. Comfort is key here.

Can a Truck Driver Drive Barefoot?

Although this might seem quite weird to you, the reasons, why such a question springs up are as follows:

  • shoes are expensive;
  • hot climate;
  • personal habits.

Although there are practically no DOT or any other regulation in any of the 50 states that would prohibit driving barefoot, practically speaking, this is almost impossible for a truck driver.

Operating pedals to respond quickly to a situation on the road requires stability provided by proper shoes. Let alone a situation, when a driver has to quickly spring out of the truck to fix a problem or to put a triangle in the case of a sudden road accident.

Can a Truck Drivers Drive Barefoot?

It means that even in an extremely hot climate a driver has to wear shoes, they just have to be chosen right, providing for good ventilation and sweat absorption.

Choosing Your Shoes for Driving: What’s Next?

Any driver, without a doubt, needs to take an attentive look at this part of their wardrobe. The variety of options in the shops might confuse you. However, the practical recommendations above should help you to narrow your search down to a few most suitable options.

Remember that properly chosen shoes will help you to stay safe and healthy and, in the long run, accumulate better earnings as a result of career longevity.

Truck Driver Boots

Got the right shoes? Great! So what’s next?

Obviously, now is not the time to hesitate. Get in touch with us right now and discover what could be the best driving job of your life and make the most of your new driving shoes. Also read our article about the best trucker clothes.

If you are a truck driver and do not know how to entertain yourself on the road, we suggest you check out our list of the best trucker movies.

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