How to Renew a TWIC Card: Some Recommendations and a Bunch of Useful Links [Updated February, 2024]

Among the truck driver’s many day-to-day tasks is one of picking up and delivering cargo to seaports. According to the Maritime Transportation Security Act, in order to enter a restricted access area, entrance to which is normally prohibited for civilians, the truck driver must obtain a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) provided via the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). To learn how to get a TWIC card, be sure to check out another informative article on the topic. This piece also covers the benefits associated with having a TWIC card and provides helpful tips for safeguard it.

In it, we discuss the TWIC Card replacement/renewal process, what documents are required, and how long the process can take.


  1. How to Renew My TWIC Card?
  2. How to Renew a TWIC Card Online?
  3. How Much Does It Cost to Renew a TWIC Card?
  4. What Documents Do I Need to Renew My TWIC Card?
  5. What Requirements Do I Have to Meet to Renew My TWIC Card?
  6. How Long Does It Take To Renew a TWIC Card?
  7. How Long Is a TWIC Card Good For?
  8. What Does the New TWIC Card Look Like?
  9. Conclusion

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How to Renew My TWIC Card?

Similarly to obtaining the card, the renewal process requires a rigorous background check. The TSA has a long list of disqualifying offenses, any of which will prevent the applicant from getting a new TWIC card. You can view the list here.

You will find a detailed description of the procedure on the official TSA website.

You can also visit the nearest TSA application center and submit your request offline. You can find the location of the center by selecting "Find an Application Center" at

Before visiting the center, you are strongly advised to arrange an appointment online or by calling (855) 347-8371.

How to Renew TWIC Card?

Expired cards are currently being replaced with NexGen cards. To have your card replaced, you need to visit a TWIC registration center and submit the following:

  • the full package of documents,
  • your fingerprints,
  • a photograph.

You will also need to bring proof of identity — a valid US ID card is best, but a driver's license will work, and your birth certificate when applying.

You can find a list of accepted documents here.

The TWIC card renewal cost due to loss or damage, or if the card is stolen, is $60. If this is the case, you can apply for your replacement card here.

In order to pay for a new card, you will need to contact a TSA application center.

After that, you can track the status of your application here.

You can pick up your card at the registration center or have it mailed to you at the address indicated in your application.

TWIC Card Renewal

How to Renew a TWIC Card Online?

In August 2022, TSA improved the TWIC card renewal process. Current cardholders can now update their credentials by filling out an application on the official TSA website without visiting a registration center. This makes the TWIC card renewal process faster and more convenient. However, bear in mind that not every driver can apply online without visiting a registration center. Some drivers will be required to appear in person. Online TWIC card renewal is only available to you if you are:

  • a US citizen,
  • a US national, or
  • a lawful permanent resident.

In order to get a TWIC card replacement online, you must:

  1. Go to the official TSA page.
  2. Fill out the application here.
  3. Pay a fee of $117.25 — unless you qualify for a discount.
  4. Receive the card by mail at the address you specified when applying for an extension. You can track the TWIC renewal status here.

How to Renew a TWIC Card Online?

How Much Does It Cost to Renew a TWIC Card?

The standard fee is $125.25 if renewing in person. If the online renewal option is available to you, the fee is $117.25.

If you have an HME or FAST card certificate, the fee can be reduced to $93.00.

What Documents Do I Need to Renew My TWIC Card?

Drivers who are eligible for online TWIC card renewal do not need to provide documents. In the case of a name change, you need to contact the TSA Help Center at 855-DHS-UES1 (855-347-8371) to update your information by phone.

It can take up to 45 days to process name changes through the TSA Help Center. Only then will you be able to apply online for the renewal of the TWIC CARD.

The good news is that you can now submit name changes yourself by filling out an online form. This will save you a lot of time and cost less.

Drivers who are not eligible for online renewal must follow the same steps as a new applicant and submit the same documents to a TSA application center.

TWIC Card Renewal

What Requirements Do I Have to Meet to Renew My TWIC Card?

A renewal application can be submitted by:

  • US citizens,
  • green card holders,
  • a naturalized citizen or a nonimmigrant alien,
  • an asylee or refugee who has a lawful status.

Remember that the applicant's biographical information is checked in the background. The TWIC card renewal requirements are quite strict, and the card is not renewed if the person has a history of convictions.

How Long Does It Take To Renew a TWIC Card?

After you submit a completed form, the TSA will verify your details. If approved, the new TWIC card is mailed to you, normally within ten business days (two weeks).

Applicants are advised to apply for renewal at least 60 days before the desired receipt date. Due to a high demand for new and renewed cards, the processing time for some applications may exceed 45 days.

If the recipient is absent at the address specified in the Universal Enrollment Services, the card will be returned to the TSA, so double-check your address when filling out the renewal application.

To check the status of your application, go to the Universal Enrollment Services website or call (855) 347-8371.

How Long Does It Take To Renew a TWIC Card?

How Long Is a TWIC Card Good For?

A TWIC card that you received after the renewal, as well as a new card, is good for five years from the date of issue.

How Early Can I Renew My TWIC Card?

The renewal application period is limited to one year before and one year after the card expiration date. If you do not apply for renewal within a year after your TWIC card expires, you will be considered a new applicant, and you will have to go through the registration process again.

What Does the New TWIC Card Look Like?

In July 2018, the TSA launched new TWIC NexGen cards. They have a high level of security that prevents counterfeiting.

There is no immediate need to replace existing old-style TWIC cards with a NexGen TWIC card. Organizations will accept both new and old TWIC cards until they expire.

The cost of TWIC NexGen remains unchanged: $125.25 for in-person renewal, and $117.25 for online renewal.

The NexGen TWIC validity period remains unchanged at five years.

Like the old-style TWIC card, NexGen carries a photo, microtext, and color-shifting ink. Additionally, TWIC NexGen has embossed digits, biometric fingerprints, and LED images. The credential expiration date field has a specific color updated annually.

You can look at the NexGen card design here.

Renew TWIC Card


A TWIC card significantly expands a trucker’s ability to transport goods, increasing the number of orders and the wages. The card can only be obtained and renewed after a thorough background check by the TSA. If you are rejected, you can ask the TSA to reconsider your application.

HMD Trucking offers a case-by-case approach to cargo transportation and invites drivers to build a mutually rewarding partnership. TWIC card holder or not, you can join our friendly team by applying for one of our jobs.

Also read our article to learn more about how much does long haul truckers make.

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