How to Choose the Best Seat Cushion for Truck Drivers?

As a truck driver, you will often spend up to 10 hours in a row in your seat during one trip. At some point, your butt, neck, and back will start hurting. Sometimes the pain comes from accumulated stress and continuous vibrations. Other times, the pain results from using uncomfortable seat padding.

Research by the Nebraska Spine Hospital shows that over 69% of truckers experience chronic pain in their lower back. With that in mind, you need to find a seat cushion that alleviates the potential severity of long hours spent sitting inside the truck cabin.

This article explores the benefits of having a seat cushion. You’ll also discover different seat cushions as well as the purposes they serve.


  1. When Does a Trucker Seat Cushion Come in Handy?
  2. Benefits of Having a Seat Cushion?
  3. Types of Seat Cushions
  4. Overall Best Seat Cushion for Truck Drivers — Goodyear 1009
  5. Most Comfortable Back Support Seat Cushion — CONFORMAX Airmax
  6. Larger Users — RaoRanDang Car Seat Cushion Pad
  7. Aesthetically Pleasing — Aylio Coccyx Cushion
  8. Best Ergonomic Cushion — Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam
  9. Best Orthopedic Seat Cushion — Qutool Orthopedic Seat Cushion
  10. Best Seat Cushion for Sciatica — Sojoy iGelComfort cushion
  11. Best Seat Cushion for Hemorrhoids — ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion
  12. Best Seat Cushion for Lower Back Pain — Ergonomic Innovations tailbone pillow
  13. Best Seat Cushion for Long Drives — iCozyHome Cushion
  14. Honorable Mention
  15. Things to Consider Before Buying a Seat Cushion
  16. How to Clean Seat Cushion?
  17. Conclusion

When does a trucker seat cushion come in handy?

Truckers often need seat cushions for health conditions or just to feel comfortable. Here are concrete reasons to get cushions and pillows for truck drivers:

  • To prevent and relieve back pain. Drivers often use orthopedic cushions to relieve pains from herniated discs, pinched nerves, and muscle strain.
  • For long hauls. Truckers carry along seat cushions when hauling loads over long distances.
  • When the seat is worn. Instead of replacing seats entirely, you can place a seat cushion and continue your journey.

Benefits of having a seat cushion

Before choosing the best pillow or cushion for your driver’s seat, evaluate the advertised benefits of each one according to your specific needs.

Truck seat upgrade

You can use a seat cushion to improve the comfort levels of the truck seat. Adding extra padding can also give your seat better upholstery.

Lumbar support

You can correct bad posture using a truck seat cushion with lumbar support. Furthermore, you can also reduce the stress on your lumbosacral discs in order to avoid chronic neck and back pains.

More comfort

Adding a seat cushion that supports your neck, back, and butt is just more comfortable. And yes, truck drivers are allowed to seek comfort.

Types of seat cushions


Now that you know the advantages of seat cushions and pillows for truck drivers, check out different types of seat cushions.


Any padding you place on your seat is a traditional cushion, whether it is a stuffed pillow or an inflatable object.

Memory foam

According to experts from the Sleep Foundation, a “memory” foam contains a viscoelastic polyurethane foam which helps it adjust to the pressure from the driver’s body weight. When using a memory foam seat cushion, you won’t have to worry about fast deformation — flattening, in this case — because it is built to withstand massive pressure.

Back support seat cushion

As the name indicates, a back support seat cushion keeps the back (and spine) in perfect posture during long hauls. Some seat cushions come with lumbar support to relieve the pressure on the back.

Inflatable cushions

Truck drivers carry inflatable cushions either as extra padding or because they don’t take up much space. Besides, inflatable pillows give you the leeway to regulate the size (height) of the seat cushion.

Gel seat cushions

A gel seat cushion contains liquids (water) or semi-liquids (silicone gel) that keep the cushion in shape. Due to the flexibility of the contents, gel cushions can distribute body weight better. You can get a honeycomb gel seat or opt for the portable foldable design.

Beaded seat cushions

Truckers use beaded seat cushions to protect the seat’s upholstery from damage. For those who sweat a lot, the bead seat cushion allows minimal airflow into the space between your posterior and the seat. This seat cove will help you protect the surface of your truck's seat for a longer period.

Grid cushions

Drivers struggling with chronic hip and back pain can use a grid cushion to relieve the pressure on the spine. Grid cushions have an underlying “grid” that allows airflow between the seat and your posterior.

Heated seat cushions

Truck seats often get cold during winter months, and you might not want to start your journey on a frosty seat. But with the heated seat cushion, you can give your butt the warmth it deserves.

Cooling seat cushions

The seat temperature of leather seats can reach scorching levels, but a cooling seat cushion can help you protect your rear from painful burns.

Review of the best seat cushions


Now that you’re armed with a better understanding of seat cushions, let’s review the best ones for each category.

Overall best seat cushion for truck drivers — Goodyear 1009

The Goodyear 1009 is the best seat cushion for truck drivers because it gives you great value for the money while fulfilling the promises of any seat cushion. The contoured surface of the Goodyear 1009 contains a memory foam that can hold any weight and body type.


  • This seat cushion is affordable.
  • It has a universal fit.
  • The bottom doesn’t slip.


  • The cushion is a bit too firm.

You can buy this seat cushion on Amazon.

Most comfortable back support seat cushion — CONFORMAX Airmax

If you are looking for a top-quality back support seat cushion, look no further than the CONFORMAX Airmax Gel Car/Truck Seat Cushion. This seat cushion features gel-foam technology that absorbs vibrations from the truck and the road.


  • The gel-foam inner core makes it extra comfy.
  • The cushion fits nicely on any seat design.


  • The gel causes lateral movement.
  • Any puncture to the cushion will lead to leaks.

You can buy this seat cushion on Amazon.

Larger users — RaoRanDang Car Seat Cushion Pad

Plus-sized truckers no longer need to worry about seat paddings that can withstand their weight. The RaoRanDang seat cushion aces this task to perfection. With the built-in memory foam that combines three layers of material, this seat cushion doesn’t crumble under heavy loads.

The regular RaoRanDang seat cushion also comes with a polyester cover that makes it easy to clean. The bottom also contains a slide-resistant material.


  • The fabric is easily washable.
  • The foam relieves sciatica and hip pains.
  • The non-slip base allows the padding to stay on the seat at all times.


  • The foam’s structural integrity deteriorates fast, because it is quite slim.
  • You might need more than one cushion to achieve the best results.

You can buy this seat cushion on Amazon.

Aesthetically pleasing — Aylio Coccyx Cushion

Truckers tend to forget about the interiors of their trucks because they often spend most of the time in it alone. But if you want to add some “swagger” to your seat padding, the Aylio Coccyx Cushion is the best option for you.

This cushion comes with foam covered in velvet, which makes it easy to wash by hand or machine. The U-shaped rear cut-out prevents lower back soreness from prolonged sitting. And the cushion comes with a carry handle on the side to help you grab it on your way out.


  • The Aylio Coccyx Cushion looks good in any interior.
  • The foam is soft.
  • It supports the lower back and the tailbone.
  • The velvet covering is easy to wash.


  • It does not provide lumbar support.
  • It is expensive.

You can buy this seat cushion on Amazon.

Best ergonomic cushion — Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam

Drivers looking to combine efficiency and aesthetic appeal when choosing a seat cushion should look no further than the Everlasting Comfort memory foam seat cushion. This seat padding has the best ergonomic seat cushion for truck drivers.

The Everlasting Comfort seat padding also contains a non-slip bottom that blends well with its U-shaped design. Moreover, the gel-infused memory foam comes in a breathable mesh that absorbs body heat easily.


  • The cushion is heat responsive.
  • It comes with a lumbar pillow.
  • The core padding is soft.


  • You cannot adjust the seat height.
  • It is pretty expensive.

You can buy this seat cushion on Amazon.

Best orthopedic seat cushion — Qutool Orthopedic Seat Cushion

For truckers who experience pains due to prolonged driving hours, the Qutool cushion can alleviate some of that body ache. The seat padding contains a memory foam carved into a U-shaped contour.

The bottom also stays in place without sliding, regardless of the terrain. You can extend the lumbar support with two adjustable straps for larger seats.


  • The seat cushion comes with lumbar support for your back.
  • The padding is made with memory foam.
  • The covering fabric is washable.
  • You can adjust the lumbar pillows to your preference.


  • This cushion is expensive.

You can buy this Qutool cushion on Amazon.

Best seat cushion for sciatica — Sojoy iGelComfort cushion

Sciatica is a massive worry for truck drivers who have to drive long hours. If left unaddressed, it can lead to chronic pain in the hips and glutes. So you should seriously consider investing in durable sciatica cushions to relieve the pain by correcting your posture.

The 1.25-pound Sojoy iGelComfort seat cushion works wonders for truckers struggling with sciatica. It contains a memory foam that combines with gel to provide comfortable seat padding for long trips.

And since it is foldable, you can adjust the height and width to your liking and health needs. You can also carry it around in a pouch.


  • This truck seat cushion is portable.
  • It is comfortable for all body sizes.
  • It relieves pain in the lower back and hips.


  • Some drivers find this cushion too small.
  • The seat cushion is uncomfortable when you unfold it.

Visit Amazon if you want to buy this Sojoy seat cushion.

Best seat cushion for hemorrhoids — ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

Hemorrhoids are prevalent among truck drivers not only because they sit for long hours but also because of their irregular eating habits. If you are already struggling to drive with this condition, you need a pillow for hemorrhoids in your travel kit.

The ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion provides a soft, butt-friendly memory foam padding for your seat. The U-shaped contour also alleviates pain from sitting and other injuries.


  • This cushion is comfortable.
  • It relieves pain from hemorrhoids and other related health conditions.
  • It is slip-resistant.


  • The memory foam flattens quite fast.
  • The material is not water-resistant.

You can buy the ComfiLife cushion from Amazon.

Best seat cushion for lower back pain — Ergonomic Innovations tailbone pillow

As mentioned earlier, over 69% of truck drivers suffer from lower back pain. With that in mind, you should be searching for a firmly padded tailbone pillow to relieve pain from your tailbone.

The donut shape of the Ergonomic Innovations tailbone pillow is the perfect cushion for truckers struggling with back pain. The material is 100% polyester, which is washable by machine, while the foam core is 100% polyurethane.


  • This cushion helps with all forms of back pain.
  • It is portable.
  • You can wash it by hand or with a machine.
  • It is made of pure polyurethane foam.


  • The foam in the inner core loses its durability fast.
  • The cushion becomes uncomfortable with time.

You can buy this seat cushion on Amazon.

Best seat cushion for long drives — iCozyHome Cushion

Every OTR driver needs a long haul trucker seat cushion like iCozyHome Cushion. This seat cushion comes with a premium memory foam inside a 3D mesh cover. The iCozyHome seat cushion also provides lumbar support with an adjustable backrest.


  • The adjustable straps make it the best choice for drivers of all sizes.
  • The cover is washable.
  • It has lumbar support.


  • The entire set is cumbersome to carry.
  • The velour stains easily.

You can get the iCozyHome Cushion on Amazon.

Honorable mention

The BulbHead Egg Sitter seat cushion can stand in as a close substitute for all the cushions mentioned above. This seat padding is designed to alleviate the pain on the pressure points when sitting down.

According to the manufacturer, BulbHead, the polyester fabric combines with the soft inner padding to produce a cushion so soft that you can “sit on an egg without breaking it.” Even with its softness, the Egg Sitter cushion is firm and durable.


  • The Elastacore material relieves pain in your back and hips.
  • The cushion is affordable.
  • It supports large body weights.


  • The material loses its durability after a few trips.

You can buy this seat cushion on Amazon.

Things to consider before buying a seat cushion

Things to consider before buying a seat cushion

Whenever you decide to get a new seat cushion for your truck, you must factor in several variables. Let’s check them out.


Getting a cushion is another opportunity to customize your space to your unique tastes. Don’t forget your sense of self when buying a cushion — you don’t need to hire an expert interior decorator.

Even if you don’t care about color schemes, try to pick a pillow that matches the truck's interior. Not only that, but you also need to choose a material that suits your style.

For example, the Aylio Coccyx Cushion is an aesthetically pleasing seat cushion due to its sleek, unique shape and velvet cover.


Of course, size does matter when selecting a seat cushion for your truck. If you choose padding that is too short, you will end up sitting on the edges of the seat, which is quite painful. Conversely, choosing a pillow that is too large for your seat will make it uncomfortable to move around on the driver’s side.

Another aspect of size to always consider is the height of the pillow. If it is too high, you will need to strain to get to the pedals, which worsens the sciatica pains. Essentially, you need to strike the right balance when making your selection. Confirm the dimensions in the product description to ensure it matches your seat measurements.


The choice of cushion will vary for every driver, because everyone’s tastes differ. But regardless of your preferences, remember that you will need to wash the pillow in order to maintain a clean driver’s compartment.

Leather seat pads are easier to clean because they don’t absorb dirt easily, but velour and velvet cushions are more difficult to wash if you mistakenly spill something on them. So choose washable fabrics — like the gray plush one that comes with the ComfiLife seat cushion.


It is always tempting to go with the first seat padding option that pops up and get it over with. But this approach is wrong; you always need to pay attention to the quality of the product you are buying. Even if it costs you a few bucks extra, it will serve you better in the long run.

If you don’t have a specific brand or material in mind, you can read user reviews to find out if the product is top quality.


Always check the cost of the seat cushion before locking in the purchase. To be on the safe side, always specify a budget in advance.

Moreover, don’t just buy the most expensive product you see; expensive doesn’t mean exceptional. Conduct some research and compare prices on multiple sites. You can also ask for recommendations from fellow truckers.


As you can see, most of the seat pillows in this guide don’t have a backrest (lumbar support). Although it is not mandatory to buy a backrest, you might as well save some bucks by purchasing a two-piece cushion like the Qutool Orthopedic seat padding. After all, you’ll get to save money as well as protect your back from further damage.


Whether you are driving in the winter or summer, you need to get a cushion with a piece of breathable fabric — or at least a buffer to allow unrestricted airflow. This feature does wonders for drivers who sweat a lot, as well as those who travel in perennially hot and humid climates like Florida and California.

When reading the product descriptions, look out for words like “porous” and “breathable.” If you choose a material like leather, your butt will definitely feel the heat.

Beaded seat cushions can also provide that mini buffer for better airflow. If you don’t like beads, you can opt for grid seat cushions.


Discomfort extends beyond the softness of the material; you also need to make sure that the pillow for your truck’s seat is stable.

And this is where size comes in. If the pillow is too high, it will become unstable when you travel on rough terrains, thereby aggravating the pains you already have.

Also, be careful when buying gel-infused seat cushions because they sacrifice some stability for comfort.


No one wants to buy a new cushion for every trip. After verifying the quality of the core foam and the cover material, you also need to check the durability of the product itself. You can always find information about the product’s longevity and resilience from user reviews. Even if you have to pay extra, it will be worth your while in the long run.

How to clean seat cushion?

How to clean seat cushion

When riding in your truck, you will spill liquids and drop food particles on your seat padding. And if you want to keep a clean house, you should consider washing it after every trip.

However, some cushions — like those from Ergonomic Innovations — are washable by machine, while you have to scrub or wash other fabrics by hand.

To remove dirt and debris from a velvet seat pillow, you can use a portable vacuum cleaner. This method can also work for other fabric-based seat covers. You can also use a bristle brush to loosen dried-on particles.

For stubborn stains, you need to wash the covering fabric in a gentle cycle in the following steps:

  • Remove the cover.
  • Soak it in water using a mild detergent.
  • Wash the affected areas by hand or machine.
  • Spread to dry.

If the stain is a tiny spot on the seat cushion, you can spot-clean instead of using heavy-duty cleaning materials.

And most importantly, don’t forget to dry the pillow in the open air before bringing it back into the truck. Failing to do so will introduce an irritating odor in the cabin. Moreover, sitting on wet seat cushions can cause skin irritation and inflammation.

If the stain is too much for you to handle on your own, send the seat cushion to a dry cleaner and pick up a spare.


Getting a seat cushion as a trucker increases your comfort and alleviates the pain in your back, butt, and neck. You can choose any type of seat cushion, whether it is traditional, heated, beaded, or inflatable. Whatever your preference and budget, you can find a seat cushion for you. And, finally, don’t forget about cleaning your seat cushion regularly.

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