Best Pets for Truck Drivers

Trucking is a lonely profession that often keeps you away from home for days or even weeks at a time. But these long, solitary days could become less lonely with a four-legged companion, like a pet dog or cat.

Although some trucking companies have a strict no-pet policy, others are becoming more lenient, allowing drivers to carry pets on trips.

If you are a pet owner looking to hit the road with your cat or dog, this article will show you the best pets for truck drivers. You’ll also discover why having a pet in the cabin is beneficial for truckers.


  1. Benefits of Truck Driving With a Pet
  2. Tips for Truck Driving With a Pet
  3. The Wonders of Trucking With a Cat
  4. The Joys of Trucking With a Dog
  5. Conclusion

Benefits Of Truck Driving With A Pet

Best Pets For Truck Drivers

Driving with an animal in the truck cabin can help you in the following ways:

Pets Can Uplift Your Mood

When you are feeling lonely, stroking a cat can deliver that refreshing, homey sensation to cheer you up. Researchers have also found that interacting with your pet can brighten your mood by increasing serotonin levels.

They Can Help You Lose Weight

Truckers with pets exercise 30 minutes more on average than those who don’t have pets. When you have a dog, you’ll need to take them on walks outside the cabin — and by doing so, you will get your daily dose of exercise.

You could also work out your upper body muscles by playing fetch in the open. And you’ll burn calories, helping to keep your body in shape.

They Are Good For Your Heart

Dogs can read human emotions; highly trained dogs can even sense when you are sick. Carrying a medical service dog on your trip can save your life if you have heart disease or experience sporadic seizures. Besides, some of these medical dogs can also sniff out allergens in your food to help you avoid eating them by mistake.

Pets Can Help You Meet New People

When traveling through a new place, a pet can help break the communication barrier between you and other strangers. This social connection is necessary for truckers traveling alone.

They Can Add Structure To Your Day

Owning and caring for a pet comes with a fair amount of responsibility. You need to know when they have to eat, take toilet breaks or go for walks, especially when you own a dog. With time, you will get into the animal’s daily routine and incorporate it into your travel plans.

Tips For Truck Driving With A Pet

Tips for truck driving with a pet

Trucking with a pet in tow comes with several challenges that you must bear in mind. We’ve collected some tips to help you navigate these obstacles, and here they are:

Never Leave Your Pet In A Hot Car

When you are traveling on hot days, don’t forget about your friend in the car. If you leave your pet in the car, they could die of heat exhaustion or suffocation. And, by the way, you could face some legal trouble for leaving your dog inside the truck cabin, depending on the state you are in.

ID Your Pet, And Keep Them Close

Cats always stray from home — or the truck cabin. You could lose track of your dog by mistake as well. So, always keep a tag on your pet when you are on the road. And keep them within your proximity for their protection.

Schedule Regular Vet Visits And Consider Pet Insurance

Get pet insurance from a certified veterinary clinic. And don’t forget to schedule and meet vet appointments for your pet.

Consider The Needs Of Your Pet

If you are traveling with an animal, you should find out their needs first. Some of the things to consider include:

  • Favorite meals.
  • Feeding utensils.
  • Litter box for cats.
  • Sleep patterns.
  • Medical conditions.
  • Toys.
  • Beds and kennels.
  • Blankets and towels.

Stock Up On Food And Water

You should always have enough food for your pet to last the entire journey. Resist the urge to put off stocking up on food and water, because you might not find a pet store on your route. And believe this: you don’t want a hungry pet in the cab with you.

Keep Your Vehicle Pet-proof

Every pet owner has to take certain precautions to make the home space conducive for their furry friends. But some truck drivers forget to pet-proof their cabin before bringing a pet inside it.

Put in the effort to hide every object that could potentially harm your dog or cat. Keep your medication in a safe container out of the reach of your pet. And most importantly, make sure wires and cables are out of the way in the cabin.

Close The Window

Some people are in the habit of leaving the window open for dogs to poke their heads out. Although dogs love the wind blowing in their fur, this is dangerous for them. Objects and signposts could hit them on the head, leading to severe injuries. And sometimes, they could get ejected from the truck when you drive into massive bumps and potholes.

The Wonders Of Trucking With A Cat

Wonders of trucking with a cat

If you are a cat person looking to hit the road with your feline friend, here are reasons why these domesticated cats are excellent companions.

Why Are Cats One Of The Best Pets To Truck With?

Trucking with a cat is not stressful because they are low maintenance. You just need to provide them with food, water, and a place to sleep. Even in cold weather, your cat can spot the warmest corner in the cabin — usually close to the engine — and nest cozily over there.

Apart from that, cats crave human contact and attention — which can be mutually-beneficial for you and them. And if rodents enter your truck, the cat can help you keep them at bay.

Best Cats For Truck Driving

Some cat breeds make better road companions than others. Check out the best cat breeds for trucking:

  • Birman.
  • American Shorthair.
  • Sphynxes.
  • Persian cats.
  • Maine Coon cats.
  • Siamese cats.
  • Abyssinian cats.
  • Ragdoll cats.

The Joys Of Trucking With A Dog

Joys of trucking with a dog

If you are not really a cat person and instead prefer hanging out with dogs, here are the reasons why having a dog on a trip can be a pleasant experience.

Why Are Dogs One Of The Best Pets To Truck With?

When trucking with a dog, you have a companion that actually pays attention to you, unlike some nonchalant cats. Since dogs are quite active, you get to exercise more with them and, by doing so, help keep your body in shape. Therefore, you should plan your trips. Read our article to find out which is the best trip planning app.

Moreover, dogs make very astute service animals — which is a valuable asset for drivers with life-threatening medical conditions.

Best Dogs For Truck Driving

Not every dog breed needs to share a truck cabin with you. Consider getting dogs that won’t cause a ruckus in the cabin. Here are the best dogs for truckers:

  1. Miniature Schnauzer.
  2. Miniature Poodle.
  3. Pug.
  4. Maltese.
  5. Labrador retriever.
  6. Pitbull.
  7. Dachshund.
  8. Boston Terrier.
  9. Chihuahua.
  10. Miniature Pinscher.
  11. Shih Tzu.
  12. Yorkshire Terrier.

Choose a dog breed you can handle and make sure you prepare a conducive place for them in your cabin.


Trucking with pets is a pleasurable experience if you have the right furry friend in your cabin. But before you start riding with a dog or cat, always make sure that the conditions are favorable to them. You can even get medical service alert dogs to help you manage the potential effects of your chronic medical condition. Also, choose a pet that you can take care of while on the road. And most importantly, don’t forget to treat the animal with ultimate care and respect.

If you want to work in a pet-friendly trucking company that cares about the driver’s overall health and wellbeing, HMD Trucking is the place for you. Our personalized approach to trucking makes us the favorite destination for drivers (min 6 months of CDL-A experience required). Apply with us now to start your trucking adventure.

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