Restaurant in Chicago Ridge — HMD Bar and Grill Joins the HMD Family

HMD Trucking is happy to present its new project, a newcomer to the already-big HMD family: a restaurant, giving rise to a new Food Chicago Ridge brand. People need energy just like trucks need fuel, and from now on, HMD will make sure that patrons never run out of it.

Restaurant in Chicago Ridge — HMD Bar and Grill

HMD Bar and Grill is a proper place to eat for any occasion, whether it is a relaxing dinner with your sweetheart, a Sunday lunch with the whole family, or a cocktail party with friends. We offer an extensive menu of American and pan-European fusion cuisine, as well as a large selection of drinks, including draft beer and house wines. The team at the restaurant in Chicago Ridge - HMD Bar and Grill will be happy to see you among our guests. Come visit us at 10339 Ridgeland Ave, Chicago Ridge, IL 60415, United States.


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  2. HMD Bar and Grill Menu
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About HMD Bar and Grill

Some years ago, Henry and Daiva Malukas, the founders of renowned HMD Illinois trucking companies, decided to expand into catering and food, Chicago Ridge being the target location. Considerable experience, passion and enthusiasm contributed to the establishment of HMD Bar and Grill, an amazing restaurant in Chicago Ridge IL with an upscale casual menu suited to any occasion.

About HMD Bar and Grill: Chef

Chef Kestas Mickus comes from Lithuania, a small country on the Baltic sea known for fusion сuisine that combines fish and seafood, greens, berries, mushrooms, grains, meat and dairy products. Prior to moving to the U.S., Kestas served in various culinary positions at restaurants across Europe and used the opportunity to master Italian, French and British cuisine. Kestas follows his own approach to cooking focused on fresh and locally made products. If you peek behind the kitchen doors at HMD Bar and Grill, you will see the hands of this virtuoso fly over the range, storage containers, frying pans and plates so fast they are a blur. Perhaps the most important ingredient that Kestas uses to spice up his dishes is love, for cooking and for people.

The atmosphere inside the restaurant is that of hedonism: comfy party rooms, a bar with a distinctive design, a cozy outdoor patio with fireplaces, friendly smiles from the staff, hearty food, and a wide choice of drinks for every taste.

About HMD Bar and Grill

The HMD Bar and Grill menu constantly evolves and even traditional dishes get a creative touch. You can build a custom burger by adding whatever you wish: eggs, bacon, cheese, mushrooms, greens or pickles.

HMD Bar and Grill Menu

We offer a wide choice of appetizers, soups, salads and prioritize cooking techniques that retain vitamins in every dish. An exclusive feature of the menu is that all of our signature fish and meat offers are made on a grill. We mainly use fresh locally sourced ingredients.

The choice in our bar menu is really impressive: bottled or draft beer from local and foreign breweries, best modern and classic cocktail recipes served with a friendly smile, and wine or soft drinks to accompany your meal. Truck drivers, who often pull over to drop in at HMD Bar and Grill on their way, claim that we make the best espresso in the Midwest!

HMD Bar and Grill Menu: Burgers

Events in HMD Bar and Grill

We offer private rooms with preorder menus ranging from $25 to $75 to celebrate your special events: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, corporate parties and so on. The banquet is an important part of any holiday. To meet all your special requests, we take care of the room decoration, food and drinks, service and party vibe.

Events in HMD Bar and Grill

Booking and Opening Hours

Booking is done via our website or by calling 708-857-7910. Our opening hours are 11 AM to 2 AM Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Sun, and 11 AM to 3 AM Fri and Sat.


HMD Bar and Grill has received recognition from Illinois residents for its delicious cuisine, homelike atmosphere and distinguished attitude to every guest. Our regular customers get exclusive offers. The HMD Bar and Grill staff welcomes HMD truck drivers to be our guests. To book a table in the restaurant, go to our website.

Join the HMD team of truck drivers and enjoy a welcome discount at HMD Bar and Grill by presenting your employee.

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