The Best Weather Apps For Truckers: Taming the Untamable Elements [Updated November, 2023]

For over-the-road (OTR) drivers, weather conditions hold nearly the same significance as they do for aircraft pilots. While pilots grapple with challenges like rain, snow, or gusty winds primarily during take-offs and landings, truckers often find themselves navigating through these conditions for extended stretches on the highway. Airports have a fleet of maintenance and cleaning vehicles at their disposal, ensuring runways are safe and operational. In contrast, truck drivers often find themselves leaning heavily on their skills and experience, especially when local Department of Transportation (DOT) maintenance teams can't keep up with rapid snow and ice accumulation. Additionally, the best weather apps for truckers can be invaluable tools in these challenging conditions. In the following sections, we will delve into the top weather apps tailored for truckers, exploring their features and assessing how they can truly assist in ensuring safe and efficient journeys.

Best Weather Apps for Truckers

The impact of weather on trucking is not to be underestimated. Data from the U.S. Department of Transportation reveals that carriers lose approximately 32.6 billion vehicle hours due to weather-induced delays and complications, translating to a staggering yearly cost of over US $2.2 billion from various weather disruptions. Having a dedicated weather radar for truckers can make a significant difference in ensuring timely deliveries and safety on the road.

Numerous weather elements can affect visibility, traction, and even the well-being of truck drivers and fellow motorists. Would you believe that the leading culprit behind most accidents and injuries isn't heavy rain, snow, sleet, or ice, but merely wet pavement? It's a testament to the challenges truckers face, where even slight moisture on the road can become a significant hazard. While it's largely up to the seasoned judgment of professional truck drivers to identify and adapt to these treacherous conditions, one might wonder: Is there a way to foresee impending weather challenges and plan routes accordingly? A reliable weather radar for truckers is essential, allowing them to anticipate and navigate through adverse conditions on their routes. Enter weather apps, a trucker's crystal ball, offering a glimpse into the future, helping them brace for the whims and furies of Mother Nature.

Weather Apps for Truckers

To be frank, there aren't any dedicated weather apps tailored specifically for the unique needs of truckers and carriers. Imagine the convenience of an app where you could input the starting point, intermediate stops, and final destination of your haul, and then have it continuously monitor the weather conditions along your route. Such an app would send OTR truck drivers timely notifications about impending weather changes, ensuring they're always informed whether they're en route to a pick-up or making a delivery.

In the sections that follow, we'll delve into the weather apps that truckers swear by.

Trucker Weather Apps


  1. What Are Trucking Weather Apps?
  2. What Are the Benefits of Using Trucker Weather Apps?
  3. Best Weather Apps for Truckers: Tracking Down Candidates
  4. Conclusion

What Are Trucking Weather Apps?

In today's digital age, it's surprising to note that while there are numerous weather apps available, none specifically address the unique challenges faced by truck drivers. These apps might alert users to adverse conditions, but they don't provide essential safety protocols for truckers navigating through such situations. Yes, they'll notify you of looming tornadoes, hurricanes, or floods, but the onus remains on the trucker to determine the best course of action. In reality, many drivers find themselves turning to traditional sources like news feeds, radio broadcasts, CB radios, or even word-of-mouth for timely and relevant weather alerts.

What's missing is a feature within these apps that allows for community feedback. A truly trucker-centric app would offer a platform for drivers to share real-time weather updates and road conditions with their peers. This community-driven approach would not only enhance the utility of the app but also provide insights that standard forecasts might overlook.

Most weather apps available across various mobile and desktop platforms allow users to add specific locations, but you'd need to switch between them manually to check forecasts.

What Are the Benefits of Using Trucker Weather Apps?

Being oblivious to the weather forecast at your load pick-up point, along your route, and at your destination can jeopardize timely deliveries. By staying updated on the weather at your destination, you can make informed decisions—like arriving earlier or opting for an alternate route. It's true that trucking doesn't offer the flexibility one might desire to sidestep all unsafe road conditions. However, a reliable weather forecast can be your guiding star, helping you steer clear of the worst weather conditions. By doing so, you're not just miles away from treacherous weather and slippery roads, but you're also ensuring the safety of your truck, the integrity of your load, and most importantly, your well-being. The popularity of weather apps among truckers can be attributed to their accurate forecasts and the user-friendly presentation of information.

What Are the Benefits of Using Trucker Weather Apps?

Best Weather Apps for Truckers: Tracking Down Candidates

Delve into the world of weather apps that truckers rely on to stay informed about impending weather conditions. May they be considered the best weather apps for truckers? Let's find out together.

The Weather Channel

Available On: iOS, Android

The Weather Channel stands as the world's most downloaded weather app, and American truckers are no exception to its vast user base. What makes this app a favorite? It's renowned for its precise forecasts and timely alerts for severe weather conditions such as snow, rain, or storms. The user-friendly interface, comprehensive details, and overall utility make it a top choice. Additionally, it boasts a live Doppler radar complemented by a 24-hour future forecast, invaluable for storm tracking. However, a notable downside is the frequent and often intrusive ads, some with audio and video, that appear full-screen.

Best Weather Apps for Truckers: The Weather Channel

MyRadar Weather Radar

Available On: iOS, Android

While MyRadar may not boast the same download numbers as The Weather Channel, it stands toe-to-toe in terms of functionality. It may contend for the title of best truck weather app. Users appreciate the abundance of information on the main screen and its superior visual appeal. The app showcases a professional weather radar teeming with data. It smartly presents vast amounts of data, offers numerous map layers, and even includes weather videos akin to TV broadcasts. Can these layers substitute a real trucker weather map? Why not? This real-time insight aids in making informed decisions about routes and breaks. However, newcomers might need some time to familiarize themselves with the radar symbols. A notable feature is the ability to gauge the storm's size and direction. While some users find MyRadar slightly less accurate, they appreciate the absence of ads. A premium version, devoid of ads, is available for $3.99.

Best Weather Apps for Truckers: MyRadar Weather Radar

Weather Underground

Available On: iOS, Android

Weather Underground is a formidable contender in the weather app arena. Its comprehensive atmospheric data, including expected rainfall and rain probability, is unparalleled. Users appreciate the concise daily and hourly overviews and the detailed graphs showcasing temperature indices, precipitation, humidity, and more. The app's hour-by-hour forecasts are lauded for their accuracy. The free version offers a 10-day forecast, and a Doppler radar feature comes standard, aiding in local storm tracking.

Best Weather Apps for Truckers: Weather Underground


Available On: iOS, Android

WeatherBug is trusted by millions for its precise forecasts, covering a spectrum of 20 weather conditions. From Doppler radar and hourly forecasts to wind chill, pollen count, air quality, and even traffic conditions, it's all here. The traffic feature even provides access to road cameras, offering real-time insights into highway conditions. While the basic version occasionally displays short ads, WeatherBug ensures users are promptly alerted about impending severe weather. Its user-friendly interface makes checking daily and 10-day forecasts across multiple locations a breeze.

Best Weather Apps for Truckers: WeatherBug

Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live

Available On: iOS, Android

Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live is a meticulously designed app with a clean and intuitive user interface. The basic version offers a 14-day forecast, complemented by a standalone 72-hour radar forecast for upcoming rain and snow. Additional features include a hurricane tracker, local fire maps, and alerts for various severe conditions, from high winds to flooding. The live radar is particularly informative, providing a clear picture of current conditions and upcoming changes.

Best Weather Apps for Truckers: Clime NOAA Weather Radar Live

Available On: iOS, Android

Windy, while lesser-known, is a robust application that has garnered positive reviews. Initially designed for outdoor enthusiasts, it's also utilized by storm chasers and rescue teams. The free version provides a 7-day professional forecast based on two models, while the Pro version, available for a one-time fee of $109.99, aggregates data from nearly 10 different forecast models. Truckers find Windy especially useful for its detailed wind map, which helps assess areas prone to strong winds that could tip a truck. So, indeed, it may be considered a truck weather app. Windy also sends wind alerts and offers offline hourly tracking. While some information, like lake and sea wave data, might seem extraneous, the app's comprehensive visualization and minimal ads make it worth exploring.

Best Weather Apps for Truckers: Windy


While the market is flooded with weather apps, none cater exclusively to truck drivers. In fact, there are no real best weather apps for truckers. However, the most popular apps with high user ratings empower both local and long-haul truckers to stay updated in real-time and anticipate weather shifts for days ahead. We recommend exploring these apps to find the one that best suits your needs.

Best Weather Apps for Truckers: Conclusion

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